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I​f you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.
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2015 Curriculum framework (6,560KB).pdf2015 curriculum-framework2015 Curriculum framework (6,560KB)5895 KB
2017 Enrolment form.pdf2017 Enrolment form (336KB)2017 Enrolment form336 KB
2017 Windsor State School I4S Agreement.pdf2017 I4S Agreement2017 Windsor State School I4S Agreement91 KB
2018 Windsor SS AIP.pdf2018 Windsor SS AIP2018 Windsor SS AIP885 KB
2018 Windsor SS I4S Agreement.pdf2018 Windsor SS I4S Agreement2018 Windsor SS I4S Agreement178 KB
2019 Annual Implementation Plan.pdf2019 Annual Implementation Plan2019 Annual Implementation Plan517 KB
2019 Investing For Success (I4S) Agreement - Windsor State School.pdf2019 Investing For Success (I4S) Agreement - Windsor State School2019 Investing For Success (I4S) Agreement - Windsor State School110 KB
34-151290 Appendix A Concept Plan and Overlays.pdfApproved School Master Plan (as at December 2018)34-151290 Appendix A Concept Plan and Overlays10752 KB
Curriculum Provisions Policy 2015 (1886KB).pdfCurriculum Provisions Policy 2015Curriculum Provisions Policy 2015 (1886KB)1886 KB
Digital Citizenship Curriculum.pdfDigital Citizenship CurriculumDigital Citizenship Curriculum212 KB
Enrolment Agreement.pdfEnrolment AgreementEnrolment Agreement63 KB
flying-start.pdfFlying start resource kitflying-start341 KB
great-results-guarantee.pdfGreat results guaranteegreat-results-guarantee691 KB
Great Results Guarantee 2015.pdfGreat Results Guarantee 2015 Snapshot (PDF, 41KB)Great Results Guarantee 201541 KB
2015 Great Start Guarantee.pdfGreat Start guarantee2015 Great Start Guarantee249 KB
Investing for Success (I4S) Agreement.pdfInvesting for Success (I4S) Agreement, (89KB)Investing for Success (I4S) Agreement89 KB
2016 parent handbook.pdfParent Handbook (1042KB, PDF)2016 parent handbook1042 KB
Prep uniform shop order form.pdfPrep uniform order form (PDF, 76KB)Prep uniform shop order form76 KB
QPARENTS.pdfQ Parents formQPARENTS255 KB
School Executive Summary 2015.pdfSchool Executive summarySchool Executive Summary 2015327 KB
SIU - Revised Windsor State School Executive Summary 2015.pdfSchool Executive Summary  2015 (PDF) 327KBSIU - Revised Windsor State School Executive Summary 2015327 KB
State School Consent Form.pdfState School Consent FormState School Consent Form168 KB
Third Party Website Consent.pdfThird Party Website consent formThird Party Website Consent223 KB
2018 Uniform Shop Order Form.pdfUniform order form (PDF, 108KB)2018 Uniform Shop Order Form108 KB
windsor-discipline-audit-2014.pdfWindsor Discipline Audit 2014windsor-discipline-audit-2014203 KB
AA_Windsor SS Responsible Behaviour Plan 2018-2021.pdfWindsor State School Responsible Behaviour PlanAA_Windsor SS Responsible Behaviour Plan 2018-20213584 KB
Windsor SS Responsible Behaviour Plan 2015-2017.pdfWindsor State School Responsible Behaviour Plan (PDF, 505B)Windsor SS Responsible Behaviour Plan 2015-2017505 KB
Windsor Strategic Plan 2016-2019.pdfWindsor Stratetic Plan 2016-2019 (246KB, PDF)Windsor Strategic Plan 2016-2019246 KB
Windsor Curriculum Provisions Policy 2015.pdfWindsor-curriculum-provisions 2015Windsor Curriculum Provisions Policy 20153067 KB
School Improvement Unit_Windsor State School_Executive Summary_2019.pdfWSS 2019 School Improvement Executive SummarySchool Improvement Unit_Windsor State School_Executive Summary_2019432 KB