Enrolling at our school


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are four steps to enrolment:

  1. Check your home address on Department of Education, Training and Employment's catchment area map to determine your local school.  If you are in the Windsor State School catchment area follow step two.  If you are outside of our catchment area you should enrol at your nearest State School.  You may, if you wish, complete an enrolment application to include your name on a waiting list.  Limited spaces may be available.

  2. Read our Enrolment Management Plan​. The enrolment management policy of Windsor State School is a tool to assist in managing enrolments.  This is necessary given the growth in the school over recent years, the projected future enrolments and the capacity of the Windsor State School facilities.  This policy applies to all students.

  3. Complete an enrolment application.

  4. Complete these forms which form part of our enrolment package and email, along with any required supporting documentation (eg. Evidence of address/Court Orders etc) to or drop hardcopies to the school office prior to the enrolment interview date:​

    1. Enrolment agreement

    2. State School Consent Form

    3. Prep to Year 3 or Year 4 to 6 Third Party Consent Form and

    4. QParents form.

  5. Arrange for an enrolment interview where your residential status is checked and important policies are provided and discussed.

  6. Organise uniforms and other school requirements before the children begin at the school.

Further information relating to our school's policies, including the Responsible  Behaviour Plan and Parent Handbook, can be found on this site under Our School, Rules and Policies.

Please note that Windsor State School has a BYO iPad program for Year 4, 5 and 6 students. Further information about this program can be found here​

If you cannot download the documents from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

​​​​Out-of-catchment enrolments 

Windsor State School gives preference to in-catchment enrolments as these families support our school and local community.  If there are available spaces within our school facilities, the Principal may decide to open out-of-catchment enrolments.

If you wish to apply for an out-of-catchment​ position at Windsor State School, please submit an Enrolment Ap​plicati​​on to​.

Please note: Due to volume of applications, Windsor State School will contact you should a position become available in Term 4 after the In Catchment applications have been completed.

Out-of-catchment enrolments will be processed in the order they are received, but this does not guarantee enrolment at Windsor State School.  Enrolments are considered firstly on year level vacancies.  Enrolment interviews will occur with the principal or Delegate who will make the final decision on whether your child can attend Windsor State School. Please click h​e​​re to fill out the out of catchment enrolment form.​​

Applications for out of catchment enrolment can only be submitted as early as the first day of school in the year prior to intended enrolment. Eg. An enrolment application for 2025 can be submitted no earlier than the first day of the 2024 school year.
Last reviewed 15 September 2023
Last updated 15 September 2023