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Vision for Learning

At Windsor State School, we are committed to the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. We aim to engage, challenge and empower our learners, to become confident, creative and critical citizens within our global community.

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Purchasing Your iPad

​For information on purchasing your iPad, please see the Purchasing Your Device page or the BYO iPad Handbook​.

Preparing Your Device for School

Step 1 - Parent/guardian Apple ID​

​(a) Create a parental/guardian Apple ID or;

To create a Parent/guardian Apple ID please follow this online guide provided by Apple: How to create a new App​le ID.

(b) Sign in using a parental/guardian Apple ID

If you already have an existing parental ID please sign in by going opening the "Settings" app and then in the top left hand side of settings selecting "Sign into your iPad". If you have forgotten your password please follow this online guide provided by Apple: If you forgot your Apple ID password.​​​​

​Step 2 - Purchase and install apps

It is recommended (but not required) to purchase apps while you are still signed in as a parent/guardian. Purchases can be shared with up to 6 family members by using Family Sharing purchase sharing (shown later during step 3). The app list can be found in the App Lis​ts folder.

Step 3 - Create a Child Apple ID

To create a child Apple ID please follow this online guide provided by Apple: Create an Apple ID for your child.​

Once a child is linked to your parent account you can now follow the various Apple Guides:
  1. Share your location with your familyThis may assist you to find a lost child's iPad.
  2. How to share purchases with your familythis can be done simply from the parent account on the iPad by:
    1. Opening settings
    2. Tap your name or sign in with the parent account on the top left
    3. Open Family Sharing
    4. Open Purchase Sharing
    5. Enable

  3. Approve what kids buy with Ask to Buy: This can prevent a child from purchasing apps without consent, the school recommends that parents leave this turned off if they trust their child so that any apps needed mid-year can be installed when required without needing parent involvement.​

Documents & Resources

BYO iPad H​andbook (PDF, ​​​​1.43MB)​

Cyber Safety​

Other BYO documents

Technical Support

As part of the Windsor State School BYO program, we offer a limited technical support program that assists with:

  • ​Setting up devices in the week before school commences in January
  • ​Internet connectivity at school
  • Apple ID, Family Sharing and Screen Time information/support

Due to the device being owned by the family, all other technical support and warranty issues will need to be sourced by the student's family from an external source.

For enquiries or to request a support session, please contact the school IT Department:​

BYO iPad Program FAQs

Q: Why only allow iPads and no other mobile devices or laptops?

A:  At this stage in our learning journey, we believe in a consistent approach to ensure best productivity with regard to maximising student outcomes.  In providing technical support to both parents and students, it is also preferable to be managing one type of device.  Our preferred device at this time is the iPad.

Q: Why not allow BYO iPads across more year levels?

A: This may be a goal we work towards but currently, we wish to continue with the approach that is currently serving us in the best possible way.

Q: What will happen if there are students who do not bring along a device during the BYO years?

A:  We will continue to offer shared devices across these three year levels. These devices must be booked and accessed on a planned basis.  They will not be permitted to go home with students.  We also encourage parents to discuss their individual circumstances with us where needed.

Q: How much of the day will the iPads be used?   Will the students still be using pencil and paper as well as handwriting?

A:  We envisage that the iPads will be used between 25-50% of the school day. This may vary from day to day and from student to student as student A may benefit from using the iPad more than student B. We still see a need for students to use pencil and paper and to practice handwriting.  Additionally, we have discovered that a balance of technology and the traditional is essential to support teaching and learning at Windsor State School.

Q: Will the iPads be managed at home or at school eg. loading apps, updating the device?

A: The iPads will be mainly managed at home but technical support is available from school if the need arises.

Q: What about parents who are keen to be involved in the program but cannot afford purchase of the device?

A: Please approach the Principal if genuine financial hardship is restricting your ability to provide your child with a device.

Q:  Will I be expected to purchase a brand-new iPad and do I have to purchase from a particular store?

A:  No, you can choose to use an iPad that you already own or purchase a used iPad.  You may visit any store of your choice to make purchases. As one option, Apple has set up an online portal for our community's use for those parents wishing to access a 'one-stop shop' type service.

Q: Can my child leave their water bottle at school to prevent accidental spillage in their school bag which may damage the iPad.

A:  Yes, BYO teachers will allow your child to leave their drink bottle at school for this purpose.

Q:  Can my child bring a 3G enabled iPad without the SIM?

A:  Yes. The reason why we do not want external controlled Internet access is that by students going through our school wireless, they are also going through Education Queensland's Internet filters, helping protect our students from accessing inappropriate content.

Q:  Is my child required to know our Apple ID and password?

A:  There are a number of options for Apple ID management with one of them being Family Sharing.  If this option is chosen, we would encourage you to support your child to know their password.

Q: When buying a used iPad what do I need to be aware of?

A: Every iPad has a serial number and with this number, Apple track the date and place of purchase, length of any remaining warranty and whether it has been reported as stolen.  Before buying a used iPad, it may be worthwhile noting the serial number and contacting Apple Support.

Q:  Is there anything that I can do if my iPad is stolen outside of school?

A:  The latest operating system has 'Find my iPhone' inbuilt and with this turned on, it is possible to find the whereabouts of the iPad when it is connected to the Internet.

Q:  Should we purchase a case and a cover for the iPad and if so, which one should we buy?

A:  Yes, you should purchase a case. There are many competitively priced cases and covers online, or you can choose to purchase from a local store.  We are requesting that the cover is one that 'closes' over the iPad with a front cover to protect the screen, especially for when the iPad is being transported in your child's school bag.

Q:   Do you allow the use of iMessage on the personal iPads?

A:  We strongly recommend that the use of iMessage is not allowed for Year 4 students at all.  It is not needed as a learning tool and we do not consider that these students are ready to interact in this online environment. For Yr 5, and Yr 6, parental guidance and supervision of iMessage is still strongly recommended. In Yr 5 and 6 we do not need this as a learning tool and the use of iMessage in learning time will constitute a breach of our rules and guidelines.​

Q:  Will students in iPad classes continue to have access to computers and other technologies?

A:  Yes.  The iPad class will have access to laptops and classrooms will also receive an Apple TV to support effective teaching and learning with the iPads.

Q:  I can't remember the passcode that is set on the iPad and it is locked. How do I unlock it?

A:  You will need to connect the iPad to the computer it is synced to and restore to a previous backup. It is worth noting that with the iPadOS Screen Time feature, you are able to use a setting that does not allow passcode changes.​

Q: Do teacher give students free time on iPads?

A:  This is rare but may occur during wet weather lunches when children are required to stay inside the classroom. During these instances, guidelines are always given to students on what they are allowed to use.

Last reviewed 22 August 2023
Last updated 22 August 2023